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Dear customer, Brexit, if you want to call it soft or hard, has created some substantial difficulties for our business since 90% of our turnover happens in the UK. Therefore, we decided to move Millennium Weavers operations to the UK.

We will operate as a full UK company, from Victoria PLC main offices, as of April first 2021. Customer service, planning and accounting will be in place to comply with all your needs from that day on.

I am convinced that this move will only add to a better service, more accurate actions and finally will result in a growing business for both of us.

Jan Van Damme
Managing Director


We produce trendy, high quality carpets using the latest technology

Welcome to Millennium Weavers Europe – We are a manufacturer based in Ronse, Belgium, and are the New Leader In Today’s Flooring. Established, early 2012, Millennium Weavers has rapidly grown to become a significant player with a recognized brand in the residential tufted floorcoverings market. Our products are currently available in the UK and Europe. The success of the company is based on its philosophy and focus of producing high quality residential carpet who is designed ‘on trend’ by using the latest yarn technology, colours and delivering an outstanding quality product with an excellent service to our customers.

We are a small team with a big vision and a strong determination to continue our growth in the residential floorcoverings sector. This website provides an overview of who we are and what we do. Please do not hesitate to contact us, or your local sales agent for further information on Millennium Weavers and its products.

Jan Van Damme